Soft X-Ray System

XRS is low energy x-ray gauging system (>5kVA) that measures thickness and basis weight of thin films such as cast films, non-woven and other flexible packaging.

Due to low output voltage, XRS does not require licensing in most countries leading to easy installation and maintenance.


Cast Film
Plastic Film and Sheet
Coating and Lamination

← 8 m →

XRS thickness gauges are available in widths of up to 8 m

≤ 0,1 μm

Ultra-precise thickness measuring with an accuracy of ≤ 0,1 µm

Measuring Principle

XRS is a non-contact measurement system. The x-ray tube emits energy photons. Measurement is based on the absorption of x-ray particles from the source to determine the thickness and basis weight.

This results in greater control of the process whether it’s film extrusion, sheet extrusion and extrusion coating.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification XRS
Measuring System X-Ray
Max. Thickness / Basis Weight 2000 micron
Resolution 0.1 um
Measuring Rate 1000 samples/ second
Movement Speed 230 mm/s (adjustable)

Please download the PDF data sheet for detailed technical specifications! 

XRS in Action

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