Fully dedicated to extrusion thickness control.

SBI Mechatronik is dedicated to the development and production of high quality gauging / controlling systems for the plastics extrusion industries, along with other high technology applications.

The company has its roots in the former plastics division of SBI International and now operates as an independent firm, with the original team and facilities in Hollabrunn, Austria.

Our Mission

We believe in excellence, customer orientation, and flexibility.

Large enough for complex tasks and compact enough to be able to respond flexibly to your individual needs, we develop solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.

With a  focus on customer needs and precise solutions, we pursue our core idea of developing and delivering high tech products that remain a step ahead.

We are dedicated to continuously pushing the scope and quality of our products – and inspire customers, partners and suppliers in new developments.

Our expertise
for your ROI

Our products serve a sole purpose: we work to increase extrusion quality and ultimately, your ROI.

Focus Areas

Thickness measuring devices

Inline thickness measuring devices for film and extrusion thickness control, using various measuring technologies for a wide range of applications.

Automatic systems for dies

We retrofit existing dies and can provide complete, automatic thickness control systems.

Extrusion quality software

Software to monitor, measure and assess thickness uniformity and die configuration in realtime, to assure uniform extrusion thickness at all times.

Austrian Quality Production &Team

Production facilities and experienced engineering team based in Hollabrunn, Austria.

Industries we serve

Extrusion machine producers

We furnish extrusion machine producers with premium inline thickness monitoring technology, to deliver state-of-the-art quality straight to the end customer.

Extrusion service providers

Thickness measuring devices and automatic thickness control systems to be integrated with existing extrusion machines and retrofittable on existing extrusion dies.

Supplier to
Premium Producers

We are a trusted supplier to all major German and Austrian producers of plastic extrusion machinery.


Plastic Film Extrusion

Enhance your quality by controlling plastic film thickness uniformity inline – assuring batch specifications are met precisely. 


Plastic Sheet Extrusion

Assure uniform extrusion thickness in plastic sheet production applications. Control your dies in realtime to account for deviations.

Meet our Experts


20 Years of

Since 2002, we have completed more than 800 installations for customers in Europe and the world.

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