Full Range Automatic Die

FRAD is a combination of two adjustment systems.

A. Automatic die lip gap adjustment.
B. Electronic adjustment of all thermal bolts to automatically adjust the die lip gap upto 2 mm.
C. Automatic thickness profile controlling of the extruded films and sheets.



FRAD is extrusion die conversion kits for extrusion die OEM’s and end users with existing manual dies.

Applications include:

Flat Extrusion Dies for Film and Sheet (PP, PE, PET, PVC, PS, HIPS, ABS etc..) Extrusion Coating & Lamination Dies BOPP and BOPET Dies
Cast Film Dies.

Technical Specifications

With the automatic system FRAD, the lip can be moved with its entire flexible range. The thickness profile control continues to be done with the thermal bolt. The lip gap can also be adjusted according to the film thickness and quality during production or adjusted during production change without having to turn off the extrusion line.

Technical SpecificationsFRAD
total adjustment range2 mm
division (bolt spacing)30
performance heating cartridge80 W
push elements
mechanical fine adjustment (0,5 mm/rev)
thermal separation to extrusion die

Please download the PDF data sheet for detailed technical specifications! 

FRAD in Action

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